How To Protect Your Skin Using Antioxidants

Common SPFs only protect your skin from UVA and UVB (7%) of the sun’s radiation. What about the other 93%? This is where antioxidants play important role protecting skin from the other 93%. Here is the science part… IR and specifically IRA (near infrared) which is characterised by longer wavelengths goes deeper into skins dermis […]

Let’s Talk About Endymed Intensif

What is Endymed Intensif? Our highest intensity treatment combines microneedling with radiofrequency to rejuvenate skin from the inside out. How does it work? Gold plated, non insulated needles combined with fractionated pulse mode technology deliver radiofrequency three layers deep into the skin creating fractional columns of coagulation and volumetric heating up to a controlled depth […]

What is Endymed FSR?

  What is Endymed FSR? Endymed FSR is one of two advanced treatments we introduced this summer. We are proud to be the only clinic in Northern Ireland offering this treatment. FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) rejuvenates skin from the outside in. Combining Endymed’s 3DEEP radiofrequency technology with micro fractional ablation.   How does it work? […]

Red Faced About Rosacea? Our Guide on How to Manage the Chronic Condition

As an Accredited Centre of Excellence for the treatment of rosacea we are committed to helping people manage the often often misunderstood condition. What is Rosacea? Rosacea is a common skin condition, usually occurring on the central face, which predominantly affects middle-aged (age range 40 to 60 years old) and fair-skinned people. It is more […]

What is Endymed Tighten?

      What is EndyMed Skin Tightening? EndyMed offers the latest technology in radiofrequency treatments. These clinically proven, effective skin tightening treatments use 3DEEP™ technology to deliver controlled radiofrequency energy deep within the skin. This is a unique FDA approved technology- used only by EndyMed.   How does it work? Radiofrequency technology has been […]

How to Build a Skincare Regime- At Home Treatments

Building Your at Home Treatment When you can’t make it to the clinic for treatments, treat your skin to an at home facial. Great for maintaining healthy skin between treatments. Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin, removing excess oil, dirt and debris’s that build up throughout the day. You can then use a treatment cleanser […]

How to Prepare Your Skin for a Treatment

Why Should I Prepare My Skin? All treatments give better results when your skin is prepared. As the saying goes, a good house cannot be built on a weak foundation. By preparing our skin, we reduce our healing time as well as the risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). Healthy, hydrated skin responds better to […]

How to Build a Skincare Regime- Boost From Within

Treating Skin from the Inside Out What if we told you, you could treat your skin from the inside- out? Advanced Nutrition Programme is a premium range of supplements to support healthy skin. Sourcing high quality, premium ingredients all scientifically researched. By creating healthy cells on the inside of our body we find that skin […]

How to Build a Skincare Regime- Eye Cream

Why Should I use an Eye Cream?   Skin around the eyes is very thin, because of this under eyes can retain moisture and look puffy. It will often be the first area you begin to see the effects of ageing. Unlike the rest of the face, the eyes have no sebaceous glands so can […]

How to Build a Skincare Regime- SPF

What is SPF? SPF means Sun Protection Factor, these are products that protect against damaging rays from the sun. We advise you apply SPF after a moisturiser (if used) and before make-up. Is My Tan Worth It? UV radiation is the energy provided from the sun. There are 2 types of UV rays proven to […]