What is Endymed Tighten?




What is EndyMed Skin Tightening?

EndyMed offers the latest technology in radiofrequency treatments. These clinically proven, effective skin tightening treatments use 3DEEP™ technology to deliver controlled radiofrequency energy deep within the skin. This is a unique FDA approved technology- used only by EndyMed.


How does it work?

Radiofrequency technology has been used medically for over 70 years. Radiofrequency waves are delivered into the skin using positive and negative magnetic fields, creating energy which is then converted into heat. In early aesthetic treatments the client would have been required to hold a probe to complete the circuit. Technology has changed a lot since then.

3DEEP™ technology applies multiple positive and negative energy sources for controlled delivery of energy deep within the dermis creating a 3-dimensional thermal pattern in the target area. This delivery method is unique to EndyMed and reduces the risk to the skin surface by focusing the heat deep into the dermis. The controlled heat delivery to the collagen fibres results in an immediate skin tightening. A second stage of collagen remodelling takes place after the treatments and so your skin continues to tighten even after the treatments.



What makes Endymed different from other Radio Frequency treatments?

Not all radiofrequency treatments are equally effective. Endymed uses a multipolar hand piece, this means it has multiple positive and negative poles allowing radiofrequency waves to be delivered in a larger, deeper area. EndyMed is the only treatment to offer 3DEEP™ technology. This advanced technology delivers radiofrequency technology which is converted to heat, deep within the skins dermis.

3DEEP™ technology creates a 3-dimensional thermal pattern in the target area. Unique to EndyMed, this is achieved by manipulating the interaction between multiple radiofrequency energy fields. The multiple electrical fields created repel each other, leading to the ideal combination of energy directed to a deeper skin layer. The repelling forces between adjacent electromagnetic fields drive energy vertically into the target tissue, reducing the amount of energy flowing through the skin’s surface.



Is it painful?

Endymed treatments are very comfortable- actually quite relaxing! A gentle heat sensation is felt on the skins surface, as the energy is being focused deep in the dermis, no surface skin cooling is required.



Where can be treated?

EndyMed Tighten is ideal to target skin that has lost its laxity. Face treatments work on the cheeks to lift and tighten the skin of the lower face. The neck can be treated to tighten skin, reducing deep lines, whilst the eyes can be targeted to treat and prevent the early signs of ageing. Depending on your concerns, your treatment can be customised to you. We can treat the jawline to lift and tighten sagging skin, however we can also treat excess fat pockets of the jaw and chin area creating more definition.




How many treatments do I need?

We recommend a course of 6 sessions, once a week for the first 4, followed by fortnightly for the last 2 sessions.



Will Endymed Prevent Ageing?

From the age of 18 we lose 1% collagen each year. By reactivating your skins natural collagen you can help to slow down the ageing process, making EndyMed tighten a great preventative.



How will my skin look after treatment?

Your skin may appear slightly pink after the treatment, this normally goes down within an hour. There is no down time with this treatment, ideal to have in your lunch break!



When will I see results?

Results are natural, we are using your skins own collagen fibres to tighten the skin. Optimal results are achieved 3 months after your course, this is because new collagen takes time to form. After each treatment, you will see a slight tightening effect, due to the existing collagen fibres being tightened.



How do I maintain my results?

Maintenance treatments are advised every 3 months, to keep your desired results. Treatment results can be enhanced with NEWA.


NEWA is an at home Radiofrequency device from EndyMed, it heats skin up to 2.9mm below the surface.


For more information and to find out if Endymed tightening treatments could work for you, book an in clinic or online Consultations