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PhilArt Polynucleotides are a cutting-edge treatment option for those of us seeking natural-looking, rejuvenated skin Around The Eye Area

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Under Eye Enhancement

PhilArt polynucleotides is a biocompatible treatment which helps to reawaken your skin’s inner beauty and radiance by stimulating your skin to produce new collagen and elastin; two key factors in having firm skin, a smooth skin texture, and elasticity. This skin treatment also enhances your natural ability to retain moisture, resulting in plumper, more hydrated, youthful-looking skin, regardless of age.

Polynucleotides are tiny molecules derived from nucleic acids. Nucleic acids can be likened to an instruction manual for all living things. A well-known type of nucleic acid is DNA. Nucleic acids play a crucial role in our body’s cellular function. We use polynucleotides in aesthetic medicine to regenerate tissue and stimulate the production of key components found in your skin, including collagen.

PhilArt has proven safety and efficacy, supported by extensive clinical data, to increase collagen synthesis; promote hydration; promote free radical scavenging which is vital to protect our skin from damage and skin ageing; and increase the viability of and number of fibroblasts. Think of fibroblasts as the building crew that makes collagen and elastin. This activity has resulted in a noted 91% clinical improvement in the reduction of superficial fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PhilArt is an innovative biostimulator from Croma-Pharma. The injectable gel consists of polynucleotides, which create an ideal environment for the production and growth of new collagen. This promotes hydration properties and helps to protect against free radical scavengers. The biostimulator aims to rejuvenate and improve patients’ skin quality while also providing support to restore the skin’s elasticity. Additionally, the product can be used prior to other aesthetic treatments to help support treatment.

Both dermal fillers and polynucleotides are injectable treatments that have quite distinctive roles when it comes to aesthetic treatments. However, they can complement each other well.

Dermal fillers instantly rebuild volume that has been lost in areas such as the cheeks or the lips or to directly fill and, therefore, smooth individual wrinkles. Commonly, dermal fillers are made of an injectable, synthetic form of hyaluronic acid. This comes in a gel form and varies in thickness; the thickness of the product will be matched with the area needing to be treated and other factors. Fillers can offer immediate visible results and corrections.

PhilArt polynucleotides are classed as a biostimulator. This means that treatment will kickstart your skin’s natural rejuvenation process. It is not designed to replace volume or fill like a dermal filler. The natural rejuvenation process that takes place in your skin following treatment results in tissue repair, improved skin hydration, and new collagen and elastin being produced for a gradual, natural-looking improvement for ageing skin.

PhilArt polynucleotide treatment might be right for you:

  • You are noticing signs of ageing around your eyes
  • You would like to strengthen your skin and improve its quality
  • You are looking for aesthetic treatments that offer natural-looking results with gradual improvements that build up
  • You are currently having or are about to have other forms of skin treatment and want to optimise your results

The PhilArt injectable polynucleotides have clinically proven safety and efficacy. In a clinical experience on skin revitalisation with long-chain polynucleotide gel evaluating 143 patients aged between 32 and 75, of both sexes, it was shown to be very well tolerated and due to the highly bio-compatible nature of the product, there were no cases of severe side effects.

All medical-aesthetic treatments have the possibility of complications and side effects. When it comes to injectable treatments, we highly recommend seeking out the skill of an experienced medical practitioner to deliver your treatment to further reduce your risks.

It is recommended that patients have a course of 2-3 treatments in order to develop the best results, but improvement can be achieved following a single session. 

A single session costs £225 
A pre-paid course of 3 sessions costs £600

There are no long-term side effects. After the treatment, patients may experience some temporary side effects, such as redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site, but these typically subside within a few days.

Results from the treatment can be seen within a few weeks and can last up to 12 months, depending on individual factors such as skin type and age.

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