Types of Permanent MakeUp

The most popular types of permanent makeup (PMU) for your face involve your eyebrows, lips, cheeks and eyelids. Eyebrows are particularly common because hairless eyebrows are all-too-common, your eyebrow hair grows too fast (creating “unibrows,” if left untended), or it’s problematic to need to apply eyebrow makeup daily. The 3 types of PMU offered at Beyond Skin Clinic are Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips.


Eyebrows frame your face and provide definition and character. Our trained makeup artist Donna will re-construct and shape the eyebrow to suit your personal style. Permanent eyebrows are the perfect solution for women who have sparse or no eyebrows. We offer soft powdered, ombré (light faded to dark powdered) and combination (hairstroke mixed with powder brows) options. These techniques ensure a long lasting, realistic brow finish.

Lash Enhancement

Eyeliner is used to define and draw attention to the eyes. Permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution and can be applied in numerous styles and colours from softer, more natural-looking enhancement to a defined line. This involves having a fine line tattooed along the lash line. It gives the eyes definition while still being very subtle and effective. It can be applied to lashes on top, bottom or both.

Ultra Soft Lip Blush

If you are unhappy with the natural colour of your lips, this procedure can assist to balance asymmetries and can add definition and fullness to your lips. The procedure can be applied lightly for a very natural look, or more heavily for a dramatic look, depending on the client’s wishes. Lip procedures can fade up to 70% of the original colour implanted. At least one or two touch ups are required for colour retention in lip procedures. An ultra soft lip blush not only adds colour leaving a beautiful tint but enhances the shape of the lips. Bespoke colour matching to suit each client. Soft and borderless for a pretty and subtle effect. Want more colour? Simply layer with a second treatment for a stronger effect.

For extra colour choose the FULL COLOUR option – with or without a lip liner. This is a stronger more opaque finish. Defining the lip shape and enhancing the curve of the Cupid’s bow. Particularly good for reshaping uneven asymmetric lips. Fancy a change in the evening? Simply pop lipstick over the top!

Book a no obligation consultation with Permanent Make-up Artist Donna Dorothy to find out if this treatment is right for you.