What Is The Real Cost Of Hair Removal?

There are many different methods of removing unwanted hair from your body. Have you ever considered what you spend over a year, 10 years, or even in a lifetime? The costs vary quite dramatically, and you may be surprised to learn the truth!

To help our calculations let’s consider just one area, one of the most common areas to be treated: LEGS, and take a look at how costs vary between three hair removal methods – Shaving, Waxing and Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal Legs Unlimited


Let’s assume you shave your legs 3 times a week between the ages of 18 – 50. That’s a total of 5148 shaving sessions, which will take you about 1700 hours (71 days!). Using 1 averagely priced razor per week that’s a total of £2,300 spent on razors. Add in 1 can shaving gel each month and you’ve now spent another £800. So on average, a lifetime of shaving your legs costs just over £3,000 and takes almost 2.5 months.


Let’s consider the same time period for comparison, and say that you get your legs waxed professionally once every 6 weeks. That’s 286 treatments, and assuming an average cost of £25 each you’ll spend £7,150 on waxing your legs in a lifetime. More than double the cost of shaving but taking up much less of your valuable time at only 2.5 weeks over your lifetime.


With laser hair removal we guarantee a permanent reduction in hair growth after 6 sessions. Most people tend to need a total of between 6-12 sessions to get the result they want so let’s assume that we take an average of 10 sessions. At a cost of £135 per session this equates to £1,350 in a lifetime. This figure can be reduced to £1,215 if you pre-pay for a course of sessions (a discount of 10%). In addition you’ve only spent 10 hours in the clinic.

And the results are…….

Laser Hair Removal Price Comparison

It’s pretty clear to see that Laser Hair Removal saves you time and money compared to other methods. If you want to find out more about Laser Hair Removal check out our FAQs or book a consultation with one of our specialists.