Spring Cleaning Your Skin: How to transition your skin from Winter to Spring

After months of blistering winds, freezing temperatures, snow and slush, spring has finally sprung and just like your home demands a springtime scrub-down, your beauty routine benefits from some serious spring cleaning too.

With warmer climates comes longer days and (hopefully) a touch more sun exposure so it’s important to reassess your skincare for the brighter days ahead. Regardless of your skin type, the transition from winter to spring can be rough on your skin. In the dry winter months, our parched skin requires a heavier moisturizer. But as heat and humidity rise, the skin’s natural oil production increases as well. So this means using lighter moisturizers and more sun protection. Let us show you the way to glowing, soft, happy skin with these five simple tips:

1. Moisturise
During the warmer months our skin tends to hold more water so, as a rule, you don’t need as much hydration. Instead, swap our your heavy winter cream for a light moisturiser that will allow your skin to breathe. No matter how much oil skin produces, a good moisturizer is vital for even, silky skin. We recommend Hydrate from Obagi which provides ultimate hydration without clogging your pores.

2. Exfoliate
Your first port of call should be to invest in an exfoliator. During the winter, skin becomes dull so using a gentle scrub like Facial Algae Scrub from Dermaquest to slough off dead skin and unblock pores will leave your complexion feel super-smooth and radiant. While this can seem like an annoying step, remember that many new formulas come with added benefits like anti-ageing so they can actually prove really helpful to achieving your skincare goals.

3. Use an SPF
As long as there’s daylight, it’s wise to slather on that SPF. Powerful rays are responsible for aging your skin, skin cancer, and all kinds of skin damage. If you skimped on using SPF during the winter months, spring is the time to rectify your ways. Heliocare SPF 50 is our best selling and most loved product, perfect for every skin type and lightweight for every day use.

4. Spring Clean Your Products
Just like your home, your beauty stash needs a good clear-out from time to time and the new season is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your products. Using lotions and potions that are past their expiry date could actually do more harm than good to your skin so make sure to throw out anything that’s more than six months old. Read our blog post on how long products last and how much you should be using, and browse our range of products to buy your replacements online.

5. Spring Clean Your Pores with a Skin Peel
If you want to give your skin a little extra TLC after the harsh winter months, we recommend getting a light peel or skin resurfacing treatment like The Obagi Blue Radiance Peel. It’s an excellent way to clean out your pores, refreshing your skin for spring.

Remember, spring cleaning is not just for your closet! Your skincare regimen needs an overhaul, too. We hope our tips will help you transition from winter to spring with fresh, fabulous skin.