Real Laser Hair Removal Results

Extracts & Photos taken from Sally McGraw’s Blog Post: My Thoughts About & Experiences With Laser Hair Removal

Today, I will be talking about my own experiences with laser hair removal because they have quite literally changed my life and drastically altered how I feel about my body.

When I was in college I began to notice thick, black chin and nipple hairs that had never been present before. I plucked them and caused ingrown hairs and felt miserable and confused. I hoped they’d go away eventually, but they didn’t. And over time, my leg and armpit hair became thicker and quicker-growing, to the point where I’d shave, a breeze would cause me to get goosebumps, and stubble would instantly poke through my skin. I mean, it could literally be 10 minutes after I shaved. I had no idea what to do. A friend suggested I just let it go and grow everything out, which I tried. The ingrown hairs from that experience were indescribably painful, and after a few months of experimentation, I vowed never to go au naturel again.

I got my first laser hair treatments in 2000, the treatments were incredibly expensive and quite painful back then. I paid $150 per treatment to get my chin and areolas done, and was left red and raw afterwards. But my regrowth lessened, some hairs vanished altogether, and the ones that grew back in weren’t as thick or noticeable. $150 a pop is a lot for a 25-year-old to sustain, so I probably did three or four rounds of treatment before giving it up.

But because it had helped, I came back. Years later a co-worker told me she’d gotten her legs done, and described the process as “an investment in freedom.” So I signed up for a treatment package at her clinic and began to get my legs done, as well as revisiting my chin and nipples.

After four treatments on my legs there was a HUGE difference in my regrowth. I still needed to shave, but instead of getting five-o’clock-shadow on my legs, I could wait five or six days before visible stubble appeared. I had less razor burn and fewer ingrown hairs. And, again, all regrowth was thinner and finer.

More recently I’ve been visiting a laser clinic, getting various areas re-treated or treated anew with my armpits being the most recent new area, and completely love the results. I am in a unique position to show you how effective laser hair removal can be because I have a massive tattoo on my leg. This area cannot be treated – the pigment confuses the laser and would cause burns – so I have patches of treated and untreated skin side by side.

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Why was this life-changing? I have no ingrown hairs, no razor burn when I do shave, and hair growth so inconspicuous that I frequently go for weeks without shaving and no one notices. I am less self-conscious, less itchy, and ever so much happier and more comfortable – both during summer when my bare legs are exposed and during winter when my legs live inside tights for months at a stretch. (Tights and long leg hair make for some serious discomfort, in my experience.) I feel less frustrated with my own biology and body. And I just worry about it less. Doing this removed a source of frequent anxiety and freed up that precious energy for more important matters.

It may still be cold, but if you’re curious about laser hair removal now is a fabulous time to get started on treatments. Your skin needs to have little or no sun exposure, so winter is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal journey.

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