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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Medical Grade Cynosure Technology
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Laser Skin Rejuvenation for Face, Neck, Chest & Hands

Why Choose Beyond Skin Clinic?

We Only Use Medical Grade Lasers

Our partnership with Cynosure ensures we are able to offer the most advanced laser technology. Safe for all skin types with effective results.

Regulated Clinic with 100% Safety Record

Reports published by RQIA confirm we operate at the highest standards

Multi-Award Winning Team

Our laser practitioners are highly skilled & have been specially trained

Trusted by over 2,000 clients

Read our reviews and see why we’re the #1 Cosmetic Clinic in Northern Ireland.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Medical Grade Laser Technology can be used to treat a number of concerns including rosacea, pigmentation and general ageing.

What Can Laser Technology Be Used For?

At Beyond Skin in Belfast we use laser technology to reduce the appearance of common concerns such as

  • thread veins
  • sun damage
  • flush redness
  • pigmentation
  • fine lines
How Do Lasers Work?

Lasers are not a one size fits all, and most equipment is highly specialised and calibrated for specific purposes. The main differences between the types of lasers have to do with wavelength. In other words, different laser wavelengths (colours of light) target different skin issues. Therefore, a variety of lasers are needed to treat a variety of skin concerns.

Which Lasers Do You Use?

At Beyond Skin Clinic in Belfast we only use Cynosure Elite+ machines which house two different lasers, the 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG.

Who Performs Laser Treatments?
After graduating from college with a minimum Level 4 qualification each of our aesthetic practitioners completed their ‘Core of Knowledge’ training in laser operation. In addition they have undergone extensive training provided by the laser manufacturers Cynosure.

Training is regularly refreshed and additional support is provided by GCG Healthcare.

All laser operators are regulated by the RQIA with annual audit reports being publicly available to view.

Can I Get Laser Treatment on the NHS?
In the majority of cases laser hair removal is considered a cosmetic treatment by the NHS and therefore treatment will not be provided. However, we are happy to take referrals from GPs and specialists.
The lasers we use at Beyond Skin in Belfast are of medical grade and our clinic is registered with the RQIA as a private hospital.

Laser Facial

Stimulating skin’s collagen & elastin production to naturally reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Also targets thread veins & pigmentation for a more even complexion.

single session £135

course of 3 sessions £365

Redness Reduction Facial

Medical Grade Laser Technology targets areas of redness, reducing inflammation & strengthening skin. Effective for the treatment of rosacea.

single session £110

Laser Tightening Facial

An advanced aesthetic technique, stimulating subdermal tissue fibres to induce the production of new collagen & elastin. Promotes naturally smoother & tigher skin.

single session £155

course of 3 sessions £415

Triple Tightening Treatment

Combining three treatments in one session for enhanced results:
Firming Enzyme Facial – exfoliates & instantly lifts skin
Tightening Facial – strengthens skin structure for visibly smoother skin
LED Light Therapy – encourages collagen production & reduces redness

single session £220

course of 3 sessions £595

Thread Vein Reduction

Medical Grade Laser Technology quickly & painlessly reduces the appearance of thread veins on face & body areas. Also effective for the treatment of herry angioma & spider nevi.

single session from £60

Pigmentation / Sun Damage Reduction

Medical Grade Laser Technology quickly & painlessly removes sun damage, pigmentation, freckles and age spots from face & body areas.

single session from £60

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