Ask The Expert: What’s Your Skincare Routine?

General Manager at Beyond Skin, Jennie Wallace takes us through her skincare routine

Jennie Wallace Beyond Skin

Skin type: Normal/Dry

Skin Concerns: First signs of ageing & redness on cheeks

“My whole routine starts with Dermaquest Essential Cleanser. I really love this product, so much that I buy it in bulk! It’s gentle enough not to irritate my skin but still does the job of removing make-up and daily dirt build up. After a double cleanse I apply 2 pumps of Dermaquest B5 Hydration Serum. My skin is so dry and this product is a life saver. It’s a very lightweight serum that absorbs into skin quickly – perfect for mornings when I’m in a rush!

In the morning I like to apply Dermaquest’s Delicate Daily Moisturiser which contains oils to help soothe skin and calm down irritation. Recently I’ve had some rosacea flare-ups and so this extra boost helps calm down redness.

I never leave the house without SPF, either Dermaquest’s Zinclear or Heliocare SPF 50. UV rays are the number one cause of ageing to skin and I’m trying to minimise the damage for as long as I can!

After cleansing at night I apply Dermaquest’s Nourishing Peptide Rich. It’s a heavier moisturiser which contains powerful peptides – the best ingredient for plumping out fine lines.”

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