Pumpkins – More than just Hallowe’en Lanterns

The humble pumpkin in a Hallowe’en staple. Pumpkin pies, soups and lanterns are all common sights at this time of year. But did you know the flesh of pumpkins contains amazing enzymes that can give your skincare regime a boost?

Dermaquest have harnessed these enzymes and combined them with other plant extracts to create two amazing treatments, both on offer at Beyond Skin.
Their Pumpkin Peel Treatment uses pumpkin enzymes along with orange stem cells and an acid blend (lactic, glycolic and salycilic) to provide deep exfoliation. This powerful combination of ingredients is great for banishing breakouts and increasing cell turnover, resulting in fresher, smoother skin.
To maintain skin after this treatment Dermaquest have also formulated a Pumpkin Mask. This mask can be used twice a week as part of your skincare routine to reduce congestion and increase hydration. With mandelic acid and pumpkin pulp as key ingredients, the mask promotes hydration whilst clearing congestion.

At Beyond Skin we understand the importance of a long-term skincare routine and never promote a ‘quick fix’. We will support you to invest in your skin and find the treatments that really work for you. With that in mind we’ve developed packages to include both in-clinic treatments and at-home products based around our favourite autumnal treat – the pumpkin.

Dermaquest Pumpkin MaskPerfect Pumpkin Package £150 (saving of £59)
3 x Pumpkin Peel Treatments
Pumpkin Mask

Power Pumpkin Package £365 (saving of £85)
6 x Pumpkin Peel Treatments
Pumpkin Mask
B5 Hydration Serum

To find out more about these treatments or to discuss any other skincare concerns you can give us a call on 02890 333858 or pop into our city centre clinic located at 14 College Street, Belfast, BT1 6BT