Essential Information

Our Cynosure Elite+ laser uses advanced technology effective for the reduction of pigmentation including freckles, sunspots and post-inflammatory pigmentation. It is a safe, painless, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses high-frequency energy currents.

The laser is attracted to the melanin in the skin which absorbs the light and is drawn to the surface without harming the surrounding tissue. Once drawn to the surface, the pigmentation will dry and fall off the area treated. More than one session may be required for particularly stubborn pigmentation, and laser treatment can be combined with skin peels and microneedling for an enhanced result.

Face, decolletage, hand and body areas can all be treated safely.

Treatment Time

10 - 60 minutes

Recovery Time

1 hour


Skin types I-III


Once every 4 - 6 weeks


from £60 per session