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Endymed Intensif Radiofrequency & Microneedling Treatment Course


Includes course of 3 treatment sessions and aftercare products

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Endymed Intensif

Rejuvenates Skin From The Inside Out

The ultimate treatment for advanced ageing & sun damaged skin, tightening and lifting, whilst also improving skin texture and tone. Ideal for deep lines & wrinkles, lax and sagging, dull, tired looking skin.

Patented 3DEEP Technology

Radiofrequency energy is delivered three layers deep into the skin using unique, gold plated non-insulated needles & fractionated pulse mode technology to create fractional columns of coagulation and volumetric heating up to a controlled depth of up to 5.0mm.

Long Lasting Results

Intensif treatments are clinically proven to cause permanent changes deep within your skin cells’ structure.

You’ll start to see visible improvements in your skin within your treatment course, with the optimum results showing 3 months after your treatment as new collagen is produced and begins to mature.


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