Pigmentation Reduction Treatments

Pigmentation occurs when patches of skin turn darker in colour causing an uneven skin tone. It’s caused by exposure to UV rays which trigger an over production of melanin on the skin.  There are other factors which can contribute to pigmentation such as hormonal changes, medications, trauma and ageing.

There are many different forms of pigmentation including sun damage, melasma, age spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Our skincare experts can assess your skin and advise on a package of treatments and home care products to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, sun damage and age spots. You can book a no-obligation consultation today by clicking the button below:

Browse Our Range Of Pigmentation Reduction Treatments Below:

Dermaquest Glycolic Skin Peel

This is a gentle, but powerful skin peel contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and lilac stem cells to enhance performance and results. This helps with growth and repair of the resurfaced skin whilst reducing irritation. The stem cells encourage healing and work as an anti-inflammatory making this one of the most comfortable skin peels available.

Dermaquest SkinBrite Peel

Suitable for most skin types, a combination of corrective and preventative active ingredients get to work in two ways. Lactic acid and Stem Cells prevent further pigmentation developing, whilst the Mandelic and Phytic acids lift, brighten & gently exfoliate visible dark spots, offering a prolonged proven solution for even the deepest set pigmentation.

Laser Pigmentation Reduction

Advanced laser technology effective for the reduction of pigmentation including freckles, sunspots and post-inflammatory pigmentation.