Essential Information

Sweating is one of the most important and natural ways in which the body regulates temperature – we all do it. If, however, you sweat more than you need to, you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, making you feel self-conscious in work and social situations. The good news is that we can help address this problem through the controlled use of BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® has been licensed for use in the UK to treat hyperhidrosis in the armpit area but you can also have treatment on the forehead.

Excessive sweating can be treated to allow:

No more embarrassing sweat patches showing at meeting or social events

No more having to carry clean, dry clothes and change through out the day

No more avoiding social events or feeling self-conscious when meeting people

Excessive sweating is a physiological problem that has nothing to do with cleanliness. BOTOX® does not provide a cure, but rather a temporary solution with results lasting between 4-6 months.

Treatments are administered by a registered medical physician and a full consultation is carried out prior to any treatment to explain the procedure. 

Treatment Time

1 hour

Recovery Time

48 hours




1-2 times per year


From £350