Facial Hair Removal

Unsightly and unwanted hair is a common struggle for many men and women. Of course there are many facial hair removal methods that can be used to tackle this problem: you can epilate, tweeze, wax, sugar, thread, burn, shave or bleach; use creams, lasers, IPL, electrolysis or make-up. Surface removal methods like shaving are quick and easy, but stubble grows back fast. Root removal methods like wax and epilation are long-lasting, but can cause ingrowing hair and skin irritation, and epilators are easy to use but not always effective and can be painful. So what is the most effective way to permanently remove unwanted facial hair?

Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair

Laser hair removal is the safest, most effective and kindest way of getting rid of unwanted facial hair. At Beyond Skin Clinic we use medical grade lasers from Cynosure to treat all skin colours safely. Cynosure are a global leader in laser technology and each of our laser technicians have been trained by their expert team.

Many people choose laser for their facial hair removal method because the treatments are quick and the results are long lasting. Because laser is a non-invasive treatment there is less risk of irritation, in-growing hairs and infection.

Compare the costs and time considerations of laser hair removal, waxing and shaving by reading our blog post on the topic.

Things to Consider When Having Laser Facial Hair Removal

  • A patch test must be performed on the area to be treated at least 24 hours before your first treatment
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions per area to be treated
  • Sessions are best spaced between 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results
  • During your course you can't pluck, wax, tweeze or thread the area
  • You can not wear fake tan when having treatment (read our blog on why here)
  • After treatment you need to avoid anything that will create heat in the treated area for 24 hours, including hot showers, saunas, jacuzzis and gym workouts

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