Types of Permanent MakeUp

The most popular types of permanent makeup (PMU) for your face involve your eyebrows, lips, cheeks and eyelids. Eyebrows are particularly common because hairless eyebrows are all-too-common, your eyebrow hair grows too fast (creating “unibrows,” if left untended), or it’s problematic to need to apply eyebrow makeup daily. The 3 types of PMU offered at
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Meet our new Permanent Make Up Artist: Donna Dorothy

Beyond Skin are expanding and we are now able to offer our clients Permanent Make-Up, (also know as Semi-Permanent Make-Up), with our new PMU expert Donna Dorothy. Originally from Belfast, Donna has a wealth of experience, beginning her career in a Laser Eye Clinic before taking an interest in Permanent Make Up. Donna began her
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Are skin problems affecting your mental health?

People with skin problems are at high risk of developing psychological problems, and they can linger even after the skin gets better. The psyche-skin conversation goes both ways. Just as signals of psychological and emotional stress can lead to skin disorders, skin disorders often lead to psychological distress. People with conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea
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Transgender Hair Removal

Hair Removal Options for Transgender Patients Hair removal can be an important concern for many transgender women and gender non-conforming people considering breast augmentation or other surgeries. For most, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will decrease new hair growth, but doesn’t always dramatically reduce the presence of facial, body and chest hair. Androgen-driven hair, especially facial hair, is an almost
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